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The program on heat exchange method crystal orientation
Purpose: after growing the boule under the heat exchange method, we can orient C off-angle M45°under the X ray the boule and crystal bulk.
1. We add a set of x-ray device on DX-8BD400AG unit, that means the new unit has two sets of X ray device (the second set device fixed for the C orientation angle.)
2.The unit can measure the crystal specification: A orientation (height:500mm,diameter:400mm,weight:120kg.It can orient the sapphire’s  A,C,R,M,N plane.)
3. First: Fix the crystal on the two-dimensional adjustment fixture, finished the orientation of A plane, then process the A plane.
4. After you use the second set device to finished orienting C orientation, move the crystal on the cutting machine then orienting and cutting it.
5. After cutting, put the crystal on the machine to orient again. If the Angular deviation is too large too big, then you should use the crystal adjustment fixture to adjust the crystal again, and process it until it can be qualified.
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