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Model DX-8BD400G Orientation Unit For Crystal Balls

Model DX-8BD400G Orientation Unit For Crystal Balls
Function: It is an instrument set, special for orienting the large-size sapphire-blank crystal balls and crystal-ingot-end angles.
 (1) It can orient the angles of the blank boules: before drilling a crystal ingot from a blank boule, it needs to orient the angle of the whole crystal lying on the work table and, after that, move the crystal together with the fixture for adjusting the orientation onto the core driller to drill out a crystal ingot, which could ensure the accuracy of the drilled core( crystal ingot).
 (2) It can orient the angle of the crystal end before the process: before grinding an angle of the crystal-ingot end, put the crystal ingot into the special fixture and then place the ingot on the work table for orienting a two-dimension angle. Then move the ingot of the adjusted angle together with the fixture onto the grinder to grind out the end.
  (3) It could do the orientation sticking( bonding ) before cutting the crystal ingots: before cutting a crystal ingot, it needs to bond( stick ) the ingot onto a special seat of the cutter. Then it can satisfy the requirements for an ingot to be bonded directly for the orientation under X-rays. This unit is even good enough for bonding to orient a large-size crystal ingot.
Technical Data:


D a t a

input power supply

mono-phase AC 220 V, 50 Hz. 0.3 kW

tube voltage max.

30 kV

tube current

0-5 mA continuously adjustable


scintillator detector, work voltage DC 1 000 V max.

x-ray tube

copper target, fan cooling, grounded anode



20.833° (θ 20°50′00″) (C-plane standard angle). The orienting direction is not adjustable and no display shows the

orientation precision.

the largest

size of the crystal ball

diameter here is320 mm, height of boule within400 mm,

weight of crystal ball within100 kg( it is for example of

Crystal growth by kyropoulos method in this case and it is

separate for another specification )





1100 kg

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